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    Training guide ( Maplestory )


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    Training guide ( Maplestory ) Empty Training guide ( Maplestory )

    Post  Stylinggel Sun Jun 03, 2012 10:20 pm

    Hello guys and girls alot of people ask for training guides or they are new to this game and don't know where to train, well then you have luck because Stylinggel will help through this.

    Beginner guide

    It doesnt matter what beginner skils you max in the beginning because you wont use those skils further on, except if you got skils like passive 115% more potion effectness like the recistance jobs have then you need to max this ofcourse. Where to train as a beginner? Well that isn't that difficult you will get in the beginning of this game turtorial about the key settings and how to talk to npc, how to use portals etc.. When you learned all of this you know the basic information you needed. So its the best to do al the beginner quest you get in the beginning, because you will get a chair and free potions. It's very usefull if you not having messos. You can change the actions to other keys except the directions of walking( up, down , left , right).
    SO here comes the training places

    Level 1-10/13 Turtorial quest/beginning quests
    Level 13-20 Blue ribbon pigs right of Nautilus , Snails , orange mushrooms , Quests
    Level 20-30 Mushrooms , Golems , Mixed golems
    Level 30-50 Henneys kingdom, Kerning square, Party quests, Questing , Pvp
    Level 50-70 Sleepy wood , Monsterpark ,Party quests, Pvp , Ludiberium , pvp
    Level 70-120 Omegasector , Ludiberium , Party quests(highly recommend) ,Pvp ,Mp3 , Ghost ship, Herbtown/Mu lung , Monsterpark
    Level 120+ Leafre , Bosses ,Monsterpark , Party quests, pvp
    Level 160+ Future henneys , bossing , Monsterpark, Party quests , pvp

    If you don't know where those locations are then you have to look on the world map.

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    Training guide ( Maplestory ) Empty Re: Training guide ( Maplestory )

    Post  Killedhard Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:54 am


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    Training guide ( Maplestory ) Empty Re: Training guide ( Maplestory )

    Post  TheFallenOne Wed Jun 06, 2012 7:18 am

    This will be useful xD
    I had a hard time figuring out the difference between GMS and EMS (GMS having jesters and such)

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    Training guide ( Maplestory ) Empty Re: Training guide ( Maplestory )

    Post  EvanOfDead Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:57 am

    you could also train from 20-70 in monsterpark if you got enough tickets at the time.
    It sure is nice exp when youre in a good party or just when there is a exp event Smile

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    Training guide ( Maplestory ) Empty Re: Training guide ( Maplestory )

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